CINETEK ☻ stunning visuals

CINETEK lives at night, a mug coffee next to his keyboard. Something smoking there...
I have a wide musical interest wich focusses mosty on reggae and house related music. 
My visuals fit best with acid, tekno, tribe, dubstep, minimal techno, dirty electro, jungle, DnB.

I was at the age of 12 in the summer of love. Could say i grew up with the scene. Beside the music i get inspired by visiting big cities, the urban scene, graffity, industrial areas and nature. Had a great time in Berlin some five years ago. Some special influences: the M-NUS label, Tresor, the free network 23, D-Fuse, Modeselektor, Groundation. There’s some political interest too on the left side of the spectrum.
Last two years i spend mostly on creating some online spaces to show of my work and build up the sytem; investing in laptop, beamers, camera, lights etc. Some first live performances too. For the future i could use some serious bookings. Also doing videoclips and artwork / installations. 
Just send a mail to for contact and info. Ik spreek ook gewoon Nederlands. und Deutsch.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Positive vibes. Jah bless.

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